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It all starts here. Whether you want them to buy, donate, or simply contact you, it’s important understand who your user is, and to tell them what they want to know – not just what you want to tell them. Every user wants to “find themselves” in your website, and considering their needs will reap results. I am well-versed in content strategy, information architecture, and user experience. Call me the “user advocate” in the room. Always.

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The “fun” part begins. Design needs to solve the problems that strategy exploration reveals. More communication than art, design needs to make it easy (and maybe even fun!) for your user to be inspired, navigate your content and take the desired action. It’s that simple, and that complicated. At every turn, promote the brand, create hierarchy and emphasis. Every color, every image, every icon, every typeface has a job to do.

I look to my art background to find the basic toolset – color, balance, typography etc. I look to your brand, your objectives, and your audience to inform the rest of the process.

[restab title=”Code”]

Finally, it’s time to build. It it an app or a website? Do you have a lot of content that needs updating on a regular basis? How will the site be built? Who will maintain it? Will they need training? What about security? So many questions, and it’s important to answer them carefully.

I have experience in a number of Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Adobe CQ) and e-commerce systems (Woocommerce, Magento, etc). For apps, I am excited about the javascript frameworks like Angular and Backbone, but most of my experience is more traditional server-side.


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