Riverbed Event Collateral


The Sales Kick-off Conference of 2012 was the first of its kind at Riverbed. Not only was it going to rally the sales troops, but Riverbed’s partners (EMC, etc) were invited as well, and would have their own set of collateral.


The logo or “lock-up” had been designed before I was involved in the project, and came with a vague concept of a “James Bond” theme. I was my job to explore this concept and create a suite of conference materials that would bring it to life.

The gun barrel graphic at right became the centerpiece, along with a brash “sixties” color scheme.

Gun Barrel Graphic

The Microsite

Mainly promotional at first, the microsite would eventually contain the entire conference schedule for both sales people and partner, and would be connected to a third-party registration system.

As the visual concept began to take shape, we brainstormed endlessly to find business meaning in familiar Bond phrases, and what characteristics Riverbed, with it’s audacious growth and marketing strategy, shared with James Bond.

Conference Guides

The challenge with the conference guides was the sheer amount of information that needed to be packed into them. The schedule was jam-packed, the maps of the venues complex, and the need for San Francisco tourist information pressing.We even did a professional photo shoot featuring Riverbed’s VP, dressed in a tuxedo, and toting a gun.

We were able to use several of our James Bond phrases, sometimes to the point of absurdity, but it was very much tongue-in-cheek and provided the attitude and bravado needed to spruce up a very geeky conference.

Riverbed SKO Partner Conference Guide

Pocket Agenda and "Passport"

We also needed to create two versions of a 3″ x 4″ folding pocket agenda, which required condensing the schedule almost to the point of illegibility.

For the “Tech Expo”, where vendors and demos were taking place, we creates a “passport”. Visited vendors were to stamp the inside, and they would later be used for a drawing to win a Kindle or iPad.


The Video

We had an elaborate photo shoot to produce the following video, directed and written by Joe Franklin and featuring Dave Peranich, VP of Sales, as James Bond.

It was a fun project, and the conference was a rousing success.