When I launch a new version of my portfolio site, I like to do a “post-mortem” on my design rationale and development tools and strategy. I am still adding content, and tweaking the design of course. Right now, it feels to me a bit like a newly paintedMy goal is to make it richer and richer over time. Feedback is welcome!

Visual Design

I recently redesigned my logo, retaining the same hand-written style, but with a new color and circular shape. I still feel the need to evoke the visual artist at my roots.

As always, the visual decisions start with branding. I decided to have some fun with color, while keeping the color scheme limited overall. I chose the image because it expresses¬† a bit of the “alchemy” that I feel goes into every project – the juggling of branding, content, design, and technology to produce a something that will perform well on screen sizes from mammoth to pocket. It can feel like magic sometimes!

Under the Hood

This site is built with WordPress using the Foundation framework along with my tools of choice SASS and Compass. I used the “WP-Forge” theme as a parent-starter theme, and spliced in features from other themes I have worked with over the past year (theme customizations for portfolio, custom post types and meta boxes, and the main header image function. Mix and match.

I have worked with Bootstrap as well, but prefer the more design-agnostic Foundation. Originally Bootstrap was not as “responsive” (used set pixel widths) but now it has caught up in that regard. Still, Foundation seems to be a bit more sophisticated, while Bootstrap remains more popular. I plan to post a full comparison of the current versions at a later date.

Plans for the Future

It is my plan to add a post per day over the coming weeks and months, and on the design side, some parallax action and more icons, textures and backgrounds. I want to fully explore the process of building a successful website, start to finish. What does it take from all parties involved? I have yet to see it happen flawlessly, and am on an eternal quest to find the secret (s). Stay tuned!



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