Int’l Obstacle Racing Federation

The International Obstacle Racing Federation (IORF) will be the governing body of obstacle racing and its affiliates worldwide. We built the first site as it’s initial public face. The next phase iteration involved full integration with the Events Network API, pulling stats on athletes and events from the web service.

h2 Media Labs

We recently launched this new design for h2 Media Labs, built in WordPress with a custom theme. The kids on the home page evoked the founding story of the company and it’s upstart attitude.┬áKeeping the main image in grayscale helps it stand out in a world of large, colorful hero images, and keeps it from being “too cute”, in my opinion.

Botany Bay

I worked with the owner of this plant store to conceive of the name, and to design this logo with window signage, as well as collateral, in mind.

Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop is a social music portal for the tween set. This is a redesign to update their image before an app release with many new features.

Starmaker Karaoke

Here we have an iterative upgrade for this karaoke app. We left the background in place, but upgraded the singer on the splash page. This was later replaced with messaging.

Riverbed Conference Materials

I designed this guide (just the cover is illustrated here) for their annual sales kick-off event, which this year included Riverbed’s coveted partner network. I created two versions, one for partners and one for Riverbed employees.